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We are Professional Marketing Experts Specializing in Real Estate.

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Specialized Listing Agents like Team Scattergood have a Strategic Marketing Plan which can bring in MORE buyers and HIGHER offers, putting the MOST CASH IN YOUR POCKET. Make the right Financial Decision with your most valuable asset.

Exclusive Approach to Marketing
We understand where buyers come from and create an effective marketing plan to reach them. Our job is to  identify the right buyer, and our goal is to get the strongest offer for your property. Customized Listing Launch Plan

Customized Home Marketing
We offer so many tools such as Stunning Photography, Detailed Floor Plans, Digital Marketing, Lifestyle Marketing and a host other effective tools. We would love to share with you what we do different. We are true marketing experts  and use more tools than the average agent.

Effective Pricing for your property
There is no “one-size fits all” strategy to price a house. Your property’s unique characteristics, your personal goals, and the time frame for the sale of your property. Our goal is to market  your property with a pricing strategy the gets the most money possible while keeping your unique circumstances in mind.

Make the Right Business Decision
when Selling your Home... It’s your most valuable asset!

4 Important Differentiators

1.  Professional Marketing Experts
Team Scattergood uses many more tools to get properties maximum exposure and top dollar for their sellers. Team Scattergood is probably the only regional agents offering this aggressive marketing package.
• Over 30 effective marketing tools, for maximum exposure
• As listing professionals, we pay more for additional marketing tools
• Multiple state MLS, Social Media, Regional & Global web exposure and much more
• Custom Home Marketing Plan
• Listing Launch Plan

2.  Agent Team
Our unique Team approach puts our clients in the best position for a successful sale. With our project management experience, each team member has specific duties for the Real Estate Transaction.
• Husband & Wife Team for better communications
• Expert Project Management Skills
• Each team member has specific task skill sets

3. Expert Negotiators
Our experience will put you in a far better position to  look out for your best interests and get more money in your pocket.
• We will work diligently to get you the most money
• 12+ years of over 400 negotiated Real Estate Contracts
• 15 years of corporate Marketing Budgets negotiated 
4.  Professional Photography - Photos & 3D Home Tours
As a professional photographer, I have created a unique High Dynamic Range photo  processing system that will capture your home in its most natural conditions and  most appealing to the human eye.
• Sharpest Images, Natural Lighting and Best Colors
• Professional camera equipment and the knowledge to use it
• Check out our listing photos at

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Moving Out of New Hampshire
If you are selling your home and moving out of New Hampshire we would be happy to assist you in making connections in your new location. We have a full service Relocation Department and Relocation Certified Agents that understand the needs and requirements of relocating sellers.

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